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Currently offering Group Classes and Therapy Dog training

Do you have a dog from 6 months to 15 years who doesn't always act like he's heard the word "Sit!" before? Are you "just fine" at home but once you leave your house your dog needs help in being just as good? Reliable Rover class is for you! This class is for dogs who have the basic sit/ down/ come/ heel/ stay commands but need to work on reliability in distracting environments a.k.a. outside of the house. Bring treats and your dog's favorite toys and we'll help you get a Reliable Rover!

Have you done the basic obedience classes and wonder "so what's next"? Doodle With Your Dog is next in line for you! This class is for intermediate students who need ideas on what to train. We combine exercises from Rally, AKC Obedience, Agility and utilize shaping techniques to train a multitude of behaviors. Come with ideas on what you want to learn- someone else in class is bound to want the same thing! This is a great way to get a sampling of a variety of dog performance sports without picking just one.

Want to prove your dog is a good canine citizen? Our CGC class can help you prepare for the AKC's Canine Good Citizen certification. Are you are interested in working toward your Therapy Dog certification and getting your Therapy Dog or Delta Society certification? Do you want to work with our newest Therapy Dog Training Group - A Paw A Day? Or work with Caring Canine's Therapy group or Sprite's Hero R.E.A.D. groups? We can help you reach your goals!

Do you have a smart dog who is bored? Do you have an older dog who doesn't have an excuse to get out of the house much? Come to Tricks class! Don't think of tricks as useless fluff- dogs don't care about usefulness; they only care that you are spending time with them and they get to use their doggie brains. These are great things to work on during cold winter months or monsoon rain days of the summer. They are also the perfect complement to any Therapy Dog's repertoire! If you involved with therapy work, this is a must have class!

Maybe you have a C.P.E. -couch potato extraordinare! Why don't you enhance your relationship and learn useful tricks- like fetching car keys or closing the door by himself?

All classes are taught using scientific based positive training techniques using a marker signal and rewards. No use of prong, choke or chains allowed on premises.

I want to help you take your good dog and make him GREAT!

I am now teaching group classes at The Dude Ranch Pet Resort, offeingr Canine Good Citizen, Reliable Rover, and Doodle with Your Dog! Please contact 804-798-7900 to register for Group classes!!

If interested in speciality training such as for Therapy Dogs, please contact me for availability.  Sign up on our Therapy Dog Training group email list and discussion forum at A Paw A Day! I am not currently able to conduct private lessons for Basic training but would be happy to refer you to Dana Hutchings at First Paw Forward

Leann, Ocean, Gaia and Tide Please contact me for information regarding group classes! I look forward to hearing from you now as you start your journey. But I truly look forward to hearing from you many years from now as you look back and reflect on how much fun you had unleashing your dogs Great Pawsibilities!

So put your paws to good use and contact us today!

You can contact us at leann@greatpawsibilities.com or 804-867-AARF






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